Go Where You Will-Jibanananda Das

Go where you will – I shall remain on Bengal’s shore

Shall see jackfruit leaves dropping in the dawn’s breeze;

Shall see the brown wings of shalik chill in the evening,

Its yellow leg under the white down goes on dancing

In the grass, darkness – once, twice – and then suddenly

The forest’s oak beckons it to its heart’s side,

Shall see sad feminine hands – white conch-bangles

Crying like conch shells in the ash-grey wind:

She stands on the pond’s side in the evening,

As if she will take the parched rice hued duck

To some land of legends –

As if the fragrance of the quiltcover clings to her body,

As if she is born out of watercress in the pond’s nest –

Washes her feet silently – then goes faraway, traceless

In the fog – yet I know I shall not lose her

In the crowd of the earth –

She is there on my Bengal’s shore.

(Sonnet 3, Rupashi Bangla)